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Upcoming Events:

Saturday, October 24th
Garage Band Showcase XXXV
12:00 noon- 4:00 pm
Tempe Marketpplace Main Stage
2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ

2015 Festival Of Trees (Garage Band Showcase XXXVI)
Friday, November 20 - Saturday November 21
Performance times TBD
San Tan Village Mall
2218 East Williams Field, Gilbert, AZ

Saturday, December 19th
Garage Band Showcase XXXVII
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Ricky's Tacos and Beer
7323 E Shoeman Ln, Scottsdale, AZ


Hey there,

Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Eric Morrison. I am the owner and lead instructor of The Garage Rock Academy, Arizona's original institute for classroom music instruction and I have a question for you...

What would you guess is the #1 problem with music lessons today?

I am talking about the main reason a vast majority of students who start taking music lessons NEVER learn to sing or play an instrument.

Guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, vocal lessons, piano lessons, heck, even oboe lessons, it doesn't really matter, the overwhelming truth is if you've spent any time at all researching options for music lessons, you've likely encountered an abundant amount of "sameness." Every teacher promises to give your student everything they will need to become the musician they want to become. But what they will NEVER tell you is that the majority of their very own students will drop out of their program before they are ever able to sing or play their instrument.

To be brutally honest with you, the national rate of students who start music lessons but drop out before the program concludes, and well before they have really learned to play or sing, is absolutely staggering. This includes all types of music instruction - from lessons taught in a student's home to all types of institutional music learning programs and even online programs.

I won't be disclosing any precise figures.

You don't want to know.

Stick with me here...

So is the answer to improving the nationwide music lesson dropout rate as simple as attacking the problem that has so dramatically affected it? I truly believe it is the ONLY answer to this crisis.

But it won't be fixed with pie-in-the-sky promises or with programs which promise results in seven days. This has been done already. For far too long... It doesn't work. The problem is worse than ever.

Just what is causing this disturbing dropout rate? What is it that I am calling the #1 problem with music lessons?

Not enough time?

It's not usually a lack of time to practice. When parents are spending their hard earned dollars on music lessons, they tend to be very diligent in affording their students ample time in their day to spend practicing their assignments. Not too many sign their already extracurricularly-burdened students up for music lessons when a premium is placed on available time as it is.

Not the right instrument?

This is a very prevalent problem, but certainly is not the #1 hurdle to get over on the track to musical prowess. Students often realize how ridiculously cool rock musicians seem to be by seeing a band play live or by watching a video on YouTube and determine that they need to be a part of the music scene as well. Trouble is, they frequently have no idea where to start and pick an instrument that isn't best suited to their abilities and aptitude. This leads to added difficulty for the student but with persistence they can usually become an improved player on the wrong instrument.

Not the right activity?

If soccer is a student's thing but they get reluctantly thrust into music lessons, chances are they won't develop into the best music student. Happens all the time. It shouldn't be a discredit to a well-meaning teacher but it does definitely contribute to the dismal national dropout numbers.

Not the right instruction?

Poorly conceived music instruction programs which fail to address the #1 problem with music lessons are more common in music education facilities than not. Even the best-intentioned instructors at these institutions can't help but negatively impact the dropout numbers.

So we have seen what the problem isn't.

We also now know what the direct result of the problem is - dropout.

What is the problem already?!!

Sadly, the problem is one that a huge proportion of musical training programs can't properly address in any meaningful way.

The problem is MOTIVATION, or (more specifically) a giant lack of it.

An unmotivated student is one who begins to question why they are doing what they are doing. They lose sight of the prize (that is, if one were ever put before them in the first place). Slowly, their practice habits diminish into meaningless sessions of spacing out and noodling around in every way other than that laid out in their practice plan. And, predictably they quit the program.

Sigh!... :(

Think about the many ways a student could go about getting a musical education these days. YouTube, private lessons, DVD's, books, magazines, CD's, online lesson programs, school programs, etc, etc, etc...

Analyze any one of these and then ask yourself the following questions...

"If I were a student of one of these programs, where do I go once I complete the program?"

"Will I ever get to jam with other people?"

"Where's the MOTIVATION?"

Now picture a glorious 4000 square foot music facility jam-packed with rehearsal spaces, giant classrooms and even a recording studio...

Rooms filled with students finishing up their instrument or vocal programs and looking forward to joining one of the school's dozens of performing bands...

Rooms filled with bands rehearsing feverishly for their next gig, just days away at a very cool local venue.

Every student goal-oriented...

Every student eyeing the prize...

Self-perpetuating motivation. These are aspirations that don't die out. They grow stronger...

Growth through application of the principles learned in beginning lessons. Growth through performance and perfection of the lessons learned on stage.

These are budding rockstars, my friend. And they are developed only at Mesa's own, The Garage Rock Academy.

We don't have to prod students to keep going with their musical studies in hopes they'll someday figure out what they might be able to do with their musical talent if they ever acquire any. Instead, students can see it all around them from the moment they first walk into the building for their very first class.

We sell MOTIVATION. And you can get it today at bargain rates because, in truth, it's priceless!

Please call me @ (480) 907-4566 or email me at the link above with any of your questions or register here if you are ready to get signed up for classes.

We look forward to working with your rookie rockstar...

Eric Morrison - Owner
The Garage Rock Academy
6350 S. Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ, 85212 - (480) 907-4566