Mesa, Arizona's Garage Rock Academy has been transforming absolute beginners into accomplished rock musicians since early 2010. Come visit us in our new 4,000 square foot facility and see what we have to offer.

At The Garage Academy we have one goal in mind for our music students… TO GET THEM PLAYING!!!  Nobody ever buys a guitar, bass, keyboard or drumset or works on their vocal skills with the aspiration of mastering their trade in their bedroom with no further goal in mind.  Quite the contrary, they WANNA ROCK!!!  The Garage Academy understands this ambition of the new student and has not only designed the perfect curriculum program to get them proficient enough to start playing live remarkably quicker than any other program, but also has the facility to offer advancing students opportunities to jam with bandmates in the Garage Band class or even lay their ideas down on a professionally produced digital recording in the Garage Studio. The Garage Academy's Garage Band students regularly perform in live concerts at local area venues in front of hundreds of their adoring fans.

We believe that private lessons can only take a student so far.  The most rapid advancement on any instrument occurs when students are actually playing with other band members in a live setting.  Whether a student’s preferred instrument is guitar, bass, drums, keys or vocals, The Garage Academy’s programs are designed to get them on the fast track to playing in a real live performing band.  

These are not unfocused lessons that drag on and on at the local mom and pop music store.  The Garage Academy offers workshop-type classes in huge classrooms where like-minded students hone their craft together in a relaxed setting.  We offer 12-week courses that are precisely defined and goal-oriented each with their own hand-written curriculum designed for kids (check minimum age requirements for each instrument offered on the instruments page in the navigation section of this site).  Adult students are also always welcomed.

Check us out BEFORE you commit to music instruction anywhere else.  Our pricing is comparable to private lessons, but take a look at the rest of this website and see if you don’t agree that The Garage Academy offers so much more “bang for the buck” than private lessons in a tiny little lesson room where silence is golden could ever dream of offering.  Volume is not an issue at The Garage Academy.  We can and do crank it to 11!

Once you realize that The Garage Academy is the place where rock and roll dreams really do come true, register here and you will be contacted once the next class will be starting up for your preferred instrument. Call us anytime with your questions...(480) 907-4566.

Thank you so much for visiting The Garage Academy... Arizona's ORIGINAL Rock Music Academy.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, April 25th, 2015
Garage Band Showcase XXIX
Sandbar, Chandler
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Saturday, May 30th, 2015
Garage Band Showcase XXX
Tempe Marketplace
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm